Cpaf Application Post/ Who are they: Wizards

Frostbite Wizards Capital: Today we will be reviewing the early stages of the Wizards of Club Penguins army career. Wizards have been a slightly inconsistent army, as one week they get Cpac and the next they are not even in Smac.

The Wizards were created by Dashing Snow and Bepboy9 on the 16th September 2013. The name Wizards was thought of as there was a upcoming Medieval Party on Club Penguin and it would help recruiting.

There first event was to be on Friday 20th September at more Usa friendly times. Astoundingly, they managed to average 10 and max 14.

This came a surprise for many and at the same time tommorow they got even bigger sizes of 16-17.

They got 10th in Cpac which came as a surprise to many and then got sizes of 18-19 at an event a week later.

After this the Wizards would drop down in sizes and fall down to sizes of 6-8.

The Wizards made a plan to get them back into the Cpac Top 10. The post was made by Bepboy who talked about what they need to do to get back into the Cpac Top 10 and getting their victorious sizes of 18-19.

Of course the Wizards would start to achieve their goals and start getting a 12 average at a most events.

The Wizards had a practice battle with the Greek Sheeps who maxed 8 and the Wizards maxed 10. The battle was Usa which the Wizards are weaker in. The Wizards claimed a victory and get back into the Smac Top 10.

This is where we are today.

What does the future of the Wizards hold. Now that the Medieval Party is over will Wizards survive and get sizes like 16-17 every event.

Leave a comment below stating what you think of the Wizards so far.